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Niagara Foundation - Where our Candidates Stand - Gary Burroughs

Gary Burroughs answer to the question at the Niagara-on-the-Lake Chamber of Commerce All Candidates Meeting - Thursday, October 4th, 2018

Response to Harmony Residents

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on your proposal for a Heritage Park for the ‘Lakeshore Properties’

I am in full support of your proposal and hope that when the Region decommissions the two sewage ponds, at least one of them can be converted into a constructed wetland to enhance the educational component of your plan.

Your group, the local Council and our Regional representatives need to ensure that the 10 million dollars that has been set aside in the 2019 Regional Capital Budget for decommis-sioning the ponds does not get deferred any longer. While issues like maintaining the water levels in the pond(s) can be a challenge, the Region has already built the resolution into their plans.

I would like to thank your group for continuing to fight for these properties over the past many years – it is greatly appreciated by all residents of our Town

Gary Burroughs

Response to a question "regarding garbage pick up"

I am writing regarding the failure to have our garbage picked up. My calls to the Regional Waste Management site for missed pickup were ignored. Information from the staff at this site is unreliable. It is now 7:30 p.m. and both the regular garbage and recycle waste remains at the road side, as it is all for residents on our service road and those across the street and down the Parkway.

As our Regional representative, there has to be some recourse you are capable of arranging to the garbage contractor as well as to Regional Waste Management staff who are equally unconcerned. All we wish is for systematic weekly garbage pick up – especially on hot days. Now I will have to bring in the garbage so that night prowling animals won’t be tearing into the garbage.


While it doesn’t make your situation any better, I would like to explain what has been going on. Nobody seems to take responsibility and simply blames the Region. Here are some facts:

Emterra is the contractor for the Region’s waste collection and, during the term of their contract, provided specialized trucks for the required separation. As residents, we expected and usually received excellent service and garbage was not an issue. The Province then announced that they would move to a full “producer responsibility” for collection and recycling. Regulations to outline the program’s operating standards were not written and I believe that they still are not.

All was good until the “producers” decided that if they had to pay the collection costs, they would decide who would pickup, how often and would they even pick up if recycling didn’t meet their standards. Also, there was no assurance that our recycling facility in Niagara Falls would continue with their contract. The facility could become a ‘stranded asset’ and their excellent employees could be out of work.

The Region sought, and received, an extension to the Emterra contract until the new rules were clarified and also provided additional funds for equipment. Unfortunately, repair costs started to increase significantly, resulting in not enough trucks on the road. Weather also became a factor – too cold in the winter, too hot in the summer and too windy too often.

The new contract extension included severe penalties for Emterra for failing to meet requirements. In my mind, those funds could have been better used by Emterra to repair equipment and for employee wages.

I truly believe the Region has some of the best waste management staff in the Province. Politicians must get involved. We have stop blaming everyone but ourselves.

I was Chair of the Waste Management Committee for many years. I stepped down over the issue of rushing to meet the Province’s requirements. I regret that I did not stay on to push for a different course of action.

Gary Burroughs

Response to S.O.R.E Questions

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Response to The Niagara North Federation of Agriculture Questions

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Response to The Niagara Foundation for Council Candidates in the 2018 Municipal Election

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Response to a question posed by ‘Keep Our St Davids Pool

As a grandparent who visited the Old Town pool many times this past summer and with friends that used the St Davids pool almost every day, I have seen a large increase in the number of children and families that benefit from our outdoor pools. My daughters and my grandchildren safely learned to swim in our Town’s pools. While I understand that the pools need repairs and are costly to maintain and operate, it is imperative that the new Council keep these pools operat-ing and at a standard that we have come to expect (and deserve) in our Town.

In Summary:

• We must keep a St Davids pool.
• The pool must be up to code and accommodate the varied needs of our residents.
• Council should form a fundraising committee for the St Davids pool like we did so successfully with the Arena, the Community Centre and the Library.
• Town staff should seek out sources of grants at the Regional, Provincial, and Federal levels.
• We need to engage residents to determine their needs and to raise funds to make it happen.
• A slash pad is not required in St Davids at this time. It could be added later if deemed necessary. While the splash pad in Virgil is reasonably well used, a full sized pool in St Davids must be our focus!

Gary Burroughs